Our Mission


The Society for Archaeal Biology is proud to be a pioneering collaborative platform in the field of archaeal biology.

Our primary goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers in archaeal biology, fostering connections with industrial partners, the media, and the wider public. Our first community-driven project, the archaea.bio website, serves as a resource where both seasoned experts and early career researchers can share protocols, bioinformatic pipelines, job opportunities, scientific events, and other relevant information in an accessible manner.

By promoting open science, our aim for archaea.bio is to become a valuable informational hub for researchers in the archaeal community. We also hope it will evolve into a community forum encouraging the free exchange of information, contributing to the progression of the archaeal field.


The Society for Archaeal Biology is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Charity number: 1199363. Company number CE029465.