Submission guidelines

1. Get submission/publication consent from your co-authors and team leader

2. Prepare your file as a Microsoft word document with the following name formatting: • YYYYMMDD_Corresponding-Author’s-Last-Name_Protocol-title.docx

  • Example: 20220711_Doudna_Gene-editing-with-CRISPR.docx

3. Prepare a list of keywords/tags that best describe your protocol.

  • These will be used as tags to facilitate finding your protocol on Think about what keywords you would have used to search for your protocol.

4. Submit online via the submission form, using Gmail (necessary for the editing process)


Peer review

After your protocol has been submitted to, a group of relevant experts from our scientific board teams will review the protocol. In doing so, we aim to ensure that all published protocols maintain a high scientific standard. Moreover, we emphasise that the protocol must be well explained and reasonably easy to reproduce. The corresponding author will receive the reviewer’s comments and suggested edits until a final version is accepted.


Online publication

Once the Authors and the Scientific Board agree on the publication of the protocol, your document will be uploaded on the Zenodo platform and a DOI number will be attributed to it. Your document will be protected under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) creative commons license, meaning it is freely available subject to attribution. The publication will also be directly connected to the website As such it will be visible and easily retrievable by the members of the archaeal scientific community and general public.